crack1 [krak]
[ME craken < OE cracian, to resound, akin to Ger krachen < IE base * ger-: see CROW1]
1. to make a sudden, sharp noise, as of something breaking
2. to break or split, usually without complete separation of parts
a) to become harsh or rasping, as the voice when hoarse
b) to change suddenly from one register to another, as the voice of a boy in adolescence
4. Informal to move with speed: now chiefly in phrase get cracking, to start moving with dispatch
5. Informal to break down [to crack under a strain]
1. to cause to make a sharp, sudden noise
2. to cause to break or split, as by a sharp blow or by heavy pressure, intense heat, etc.
3. to destroy or impair [to crack all opposition]
4. to cause (the voice) to crack
5. to subject (as petroleum) to the process of cracking: see CRACKING2
6. to hit or strike with a sudden, sharp blow or impact
7. to break through the difficulties of; manage to solve [to crack a secret code]
8. Informal to manage to gain entrance or acceptance in
9. Informal
a) to break open or into; force open [to crack a safe]
b) to open and consume the contents [to crack a bottle]
c) to open and read or study [to crack a book]
d) to open slightly (a door, window, etc.)
10. Slang to make (a joke)
1. a sudden, sharp noise, as of something breaking [the crack of a whip]
a) a break, usually without complete separation of parts; fracture
b) a slight defect; flaw [cracks in his composure ]
3. a narrow opening, as between boards; chink; fissure; crevice
4. an abrupt, erratic shift of vocal tone, as from emotion or in adolescence
5. a moment; instant [at the crack of dawn]
6. a sudden, sharp blow or impact
7. Informal an attempt or try [to take a crack at working a puzzle ]
8. Slang a joke, gibe, or sharp remark
9. [Old Slang] a burglar or burglary
Informal excelling in skill or performance; first-rate [a crack shot, crack troops]
crack a smile
Slang to smile, esp. when not inclined to do so
☆ crack down on or crack down
to become strict or stricter (with)
☆ cracked up to be
Informal alleged or believed to be
crack up
1. to crash, as (in) an airplane
2. Informal
a) to break down physically or mentally
b) to break into a fit of laughter or tears
☆ crack wise
[Old Slang] to joke or gibe
fall between the cracks or fall through the cracks Informal
to fail to fit into a given agenda or program
crack2 [krak]
[< ? ]
Slang hard, pebblelike pieces of highly purified cocaine prepared for smoking: a highly potent and addictive form of cocaine
☆ designating or of cocaine in this form

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